role: Concept creator, designer
omicron is an app concept for reducing waste from restaurants. the concept is to crowdsource information from users for restaurants that allow reduced-waste measures, such as allowing customers to bring their own containers. Here, users can look up a restaurant in their area and log up-to-date information. They can also log information about restaurants that use plastic waste. Eventually, the design will change to allow users to connect to the restaurants and providing information for restaurants wanting to reduce their waste and look up the health code information for their state will be implemented as well.
my favorite part of the site: this was my first app concept and my first time working with Adobe XD. I have never dedicated time to making a design for my own fun, and this one was a ton of fun. I have a lot to learn about app design concepts and love using omicron as a practice tool. Eventually, I would like to build this app using React Native
technologies used:
Adobe XD