In My Mind
In My Mind
agency: Clean
role: Lead/primary developer, solo developer effort
In My Mind is an interactive webapp aimed to combat the stigmas attached to mental illness. Built on Ember.js, the site features large background images, animation, and sound to engage the user. With a back-end styled like a "choose your own adventure" book, the site offers 4 user story paths, with numerous options for each. The goal of the site was to put the user in the shoes of someone struggling with mental illness and to keep them engaged throughout the storyline.
my favorite part of the site: I really enjoyed working with the designer on this site. It was a collaborative effort for both of us throughout the site and we poured over the storylines, the interactions, and even the sound. It was also my first time working with Ember.js and it was such a great learning experience on that framework and building an interactive site like this.
awards: silver ADDY® Award; honorable mention, awwwards
technologies used:
HTML5 CSS3 jQuery JavaScript Ember.js Greensock.js